Wednesday, 3 September 2014

We Clean You Shine!

Welcome to my first blog posting for Ayrshire Cleaners, my name is James and I am mainly the guy in the company that does the paperwork, the office monkey as Alison my wife sometimes calls me.
I actually do a bit of cleaning too for clients and specialize in end of tenancy cleans.
I have an industrial cleaning background having worked in a few unpleasant places such as abbatoirs and food factories.
My wife Alison, how has been cleaning most of her working life, and myself started Ayrshire Cleaners in April 2014 because we just couldn't find work out there in the big wide world.
We have four children a girl and 3 boys and we understand wholly how house work can get on top of you and we understand how difficult it can be to cope at times.
Ayrshire Cleaners was formed not just to give Alison and I employment but to change the rules of cleaning companies we believe in Value for money and charge an affordable hourly rate with special rates for pensioners and those living with a disability. We supply all cleaning equipment required for the job and we supply all cleaning products.
but enough of the advertising Blah Blah Blah! if you would like to know more about our company please feel free to visit our website Ayrshire
This week Alison and myself have been busy travelling all around Ayrshire to meet new clients and it is just astounding how beautiful our little part Scotland is we are so lucky we have sea views, countryside views, mountain views and there are so many beautiful places in Ayrshire that I for one never noticed before.
Anyway thanks for visiting, I hope that you will come back next week and read some more.